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TOCAS Employs Streamlined Materials

TOCAS includes streamlined Operating Manuals and Training Materials.

Operating Manuals

Operating Manuals contain diagrams, descriptions and procedures. All content has been validated to support specific performance objectives. With this focus, nice-to-know content can be eliminated or moved to other logical locations within the refinery documentation system.

Training Materials

Training Materials contain:

  • Learning Guidelines that reference Operating Manuals.
  • Exercises to challenge Operators mastery of the learning objectives.
  • Assessments to verify learning took place.

The objective of the Training Materials is to ensure that the Qualified Operator is able to:

  • Recall and understand memorized knowledge that is prerequisite to assignment at his/her job position.
  • Efficiently/intuitively navigate within the system to obtain specific information on an as-needed basis.
  • Apply memorized and referenced knowledge to perform all tasks associated with his/her job position.
  • Can accurately follow procedure instructions.

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