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TOCAS Approaches Grow Competency Faster and Higher

Traditional Objectives

TOCAS decreases time to compentency to achieve traditional training objectives associated with Declarative (How-it-works Knowledge) and Procedural (How-to-do-it) Knowledge.

Conceptual Objectives

TOCAS addresses conceptual (What-to-do, Why-do-it, When-to-do-it) Knowledge. Conceptual tasks are the most challenging; they include decision making, troubleshooting, and optimization.

The traditional approach is to expect Operators to learn conceptual knowledge through experience. TOCAS applies two strategies:

  • Apply advanced procedure writing techniques to reduce complexity of some conceptual tasks.
  • Provide improved documentation and training exercises to address purely conceptual tasks.

The Full comprehension and practical application of conceptual knowledge still requires some hands on operational experience.

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