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The Total Operations Competency Assurance Solutions (TOCAS) is a system of standardized approaches to satisfy a wide range of performance objectives that we have recognized as common amongst our customers. Each approach focuses on a specific TOCAS component that covers a well-defined subset of competencies. Each approach includes:

  • Visual Mental Model that serves as a job aid the centerpiece for training and facilitating use of the knowledge on the job.
  • Description and Procedure Content to present the knowledge illustrated in the Mental Model.
  • User-friendly-templated format for the descriptions or procedures associated with each component.
  • Training strategy with assessments to ensure Trainees master the knowledge.
  • Library of examples for all components to kick start development on new projects.
  • Production processes and automated tools to ensure consistent quality.

TOCAS is the result of over 20 years of evolution as we addressed customer challenges on dozens of projects, for many companies operating a broad variety of production processes to satisfy a wide range of performance objectives. Each of our projects has been a vehicle to create new approaches and continuously improve existing approaches.

As illustrated in the figure below, VPS first analyzes the client’s specific objectives and then leverages TOCAS as a means to efficiently create a world class documentation and training system that exceeds client expectations.

TOCAS Development Sequence.

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