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Best Practices - Introduction

VPS uses a set of well-defined Best Practices to assist in the development of effective, streamlined, and high-quality Operating Manuals and Training Materials for our clients.

Utilization of these proven Best Practices enables VPS to achieve its overall objective of building a system that facilitates the growth of Operators up a well-defined learning curve. The graphic below illustrates a learning curve for Control Room Operators in an Oil Production Plant or a Refinery. This is just one sample of a learning curve; similar learning curves can be developed for Operators in other Process Industries. By focusing on the learning curve, the team developing the documentation and training materials will have a clear purpose of what they are building; this focus helps the team decide what does and does not belong in these materials and what training strategies will be effective. The end result is a leaner and higher quality system of Operating Manuals and Training Materials.

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