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Best Practice 7: Leverage Validated Solutions

On each project, VPS leverages validated approaches from our TOCAS system of solutions. These approaches address the challenges that we have found to be common amongst our customers.

Importance of Validation

It is important to leverage validated solutions. Using validated solutions reaps all of the following benefits as compared to un validated solutions:

  • High probability of Operator buy-in of the training objectives as relevant to the job.
  • High quality of documentation and training materials and reduced production costs as a result of standardized production processes.
  • Reduced dependence and costs of pilot implementations to get the documentation and training materials on target.
  • Reduction of Operator training time required to reach full competency.

Validation Strategy

Our favorite paradigm for validation of each approach is the iterative feedback and adjustment process necessary to get a solution on target. As we developed each TOCAS approach, we successfully engaged the client organization in the validation process.

Validated Solutions Result in Successful Operator Training and On-Target ROI

This validation model is based on a broadly accepted training assessment and improvement model promoted by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).

You can learn more on this topic by contacting us for the following VPS Reference:

  • "Introduction to ASTD ROI Program Assessment Model"

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