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Best Practice 5: Engage Operators with Training Exercises and Assessments

If Confucius were involved in Operator training development, he might offer the following principles:

  • "Tell me and I'll forget."
  • "Show me and I may remember."
  • "Involve me and I'll understand."

Quality Training RequiresOperator Involvement to Achieve Full Understanding

As a part of its overall training success strategy, VPS strives to provide exercises that are very similar to the content and format of assessments. This gives the Operators a sense for exactly how their knowledge and skills are going to be assessed. Exercises taking place during training should provide the practice that Operators need to master the assessments events.

With this clear vision, the Operators take a greater degree of ownership of their training. They have a better idea of where their opportunities for improvement are and seek the focused help they need to close on those opportunities.

Assessments and exercises should insure that Operators:

  • Retain required declarative knowledge in long-term memory.
  • Perform procedural tasks given the level of detail provided in the procedures.
  • Understanding how to apply conceptual knowledge in tasks that require analysis - these include optimization and troubleshooting.

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