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Best Practice 1: Develop a Vision of Operator Performance

The overall objective of this VPS Best Practice is to build a system that facilitates Operatorgrowth up a well-defined Learning Curve, similar to that illustrated below for a typical Console Operator position at a refinery. This vision of performance is based on Job Task Analyses and an understanding of performance challenges from interbviews with client Management, Supervisors, and best-performing Operators.

The Learning Curve Establishes a Well-Defined Vision of Operator Performance.

VPS develops this Vision of Operator Performance in two stages of analysis:

  • Assimilate Initial Data. The first step of analysis is focused on understanding the current situation. We draft a process diagram to develop an understanding of the processes the Operators will be running. This provides us the perspective to analyze all existing material.
  • Establish the Vision of Operator Performance:
    • Work with key members of the Operations Team to perform a Job Task Analysis; we catalog and document our understanding of the full range of tasks that the Operations Team must perform.
    • Identify performance challenges from interviews with Management, Supervisors, and best-performing Operators.
    • Draft a Learning Curve for each job position. Leverage applicable experiences as a starting point.

The details of these steps are illustrated in the diagram below:

Detailed Analysis Allows for Development of the Vision of Operator Performance.

You can learn more on this topic by contacting us for the following VPS References:

  • Introduction to the Five Milestone Learning Curve
  • Introduction to Job Task Analysis Process

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