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Visual Performance Solutions, Inc.


Our Best Practices have evolved from the practical application of sound learning theories in the development of the TOCAS approaches. We have found these Best Practices to be both meaningful and powerful guidelines when designing new approaches to solve client Operator performance challenges.

VPS Best Practices form the basis of all we do for our clients.

Who We Are

Visual Performance Solutions, Inc. (VPS) is a documentation and training company, founded in 2002, to provide world-class performance improvement solutions to companies in the process industries. VPS establishes a partnership with the employees of these companies to customize visual solutions that improve performance. Using these solutions accelerates learning of complex systems and processes. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, VPS currently serves clients in North America, Australia, Europe, Russia, and Asia.

This website provides an in depth description of VPS and how we address challenging issues associated with building a World Class Operational Team.

Please explore our site to see how VPS can help bring your training and documentation system to the next level!

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