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As illustrated below, the use of the TOCAS approaches result in streamlined operating manuals and training materials while providing a higher level of quality performance by client operators.

The TOCAS approaches are a system of standardized approaches designed and developed by VPS to satisfy a wide range of performance objectives that we have recognized over the years as common amongst the many clients that we have previously assisted. It is the TOCAS aproaches that make it possible to increase the complexity of performance objectives and accelerate the learning process.

In each project we:

  • Assess the client's performance objectives.
  • Encourage our clients to use those TOCAS approaches that will efficiently support their objectives.
  • Customize the approaches to meet specific client needs and/or existing standards.

With this focus on performance objectives and the use of the TOCAS approaches which are needed to achieve them, the typical result is a streamlined documentation and training system that provides a higher level of quality performance as compared to traditional solutions.

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