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About VPS - Our Customers' Challenges

The following are the most common challenges that our customers have stated as motivation for upgrading their systems:

1. Raising the performance level of incumbent operators

This is important given the continuous increase in the complexity of technologies being implemented in the process industries. In many cases, the operator performance support system has lagged significantly, especially with respect to documentation and training. This is particularly true of the Console Operator position. VPS has designed various approaches which help to close specific gaps. Our focus has been on:

  • Improving Operator understanding of Advanced Controls.
  • Improving Operator capabilities to Troubleshoot and Optimize Processes.

2. Decreasing time-to-competency for new operators

The use of the TOCAS approaches typically reduces the amount of training time required by new employees by over 40% as compared to traditional approaches. This efficiency is important given the lean staffing strategies which exist throughout the process industry. We have observed that companies want - and need - to get new employees trained and on shifts as quickly as possible.

Traditional Objectives/Topics:

  • Process Safety
  • Process Flow
  • Daily Rounds
  • Equipment Procedures

3. Capturing the knowledge of expert operators before they retire

The process industry is undergoing a significant change in demographics as expert operators with upwards of 20 years of experience are retiring. The TOCAS approaches include efficient strategies to capture the knowledge of these experts and to pass it down to the new operators entering the organization.

4. Compliance-Based Objectives

In many cases, documentation and training projects have been started with the overriding client objective being to achieve compliance with government mandated documentation and training requirements. In almost all of these cases, VPS has demonstrated how our solutions address not only the objective associated with compliance, but also the challenges associated with one or more of the first three performance-related objectives described above. Thus, the ultimate results achieved go far beyond compliance issues themselves, and also provide clients with a much greater return on their investment.

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